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wedding videos, compressed for androids (small screen only.)

Most wedding ceremony videos run from 30 - 60 min with actual recorded sound.
These examples are android friendly short sample clips taken from the wedding ceremony,
creative video shoot and wedding reception videos where original sound tracks are replaced by music.

Calvin and Vivi's wedding in Paihia, Bay of Islands.

Wedding video whangarei.

Frank and Anne Marie's wedding in Northland.

Kym and Kev's wedding in the Bay of Islands Northland.

Wedding Video Whangaroa Northland.

Wedding Video Hokianga Northland.

Wedding Video Kerikeri Northland.

Click here to watch a full length wedding video with original sound.

This must be the shortest wedding video we have done. Permission was given to show the entire video with original sound.

We provide wedding videography throughout Northland including the Bay of Islands, Kerikeri, Paihia, Russell, Mangonui, Hokianga, Whangaroa, Doubtless-bay, Whangarei, Ruakaka and Waipu.

Our wedding videos are filmed using two cameras providing multi cam edits. Video supplied is High bitrate, 50 frames per second and ready for TV, also low bitrate versions for computer, android and web. During the ceremony, one tripod mounted camera records video and sound. A second synchronized mobile camera, is used to capture those elusive moments from various angles and perspective.

Imagine a mini Hollywood production of your wedding and that is what you will have; without the big price tag.
Our multi camera edits render down to a complete wedding video with audio track containing ceremony, speeches, and music.

Our videos are cut, edited then rendered into a single wedding video, further adjusted for the highest quality audio visual content.

Just a few facts.

Wedding video is a fairly new concept to most existing photographers who have not trained in a professional environment. High quality videos suited to playback on modern TV's are now affordable for weddings due to recent advances in light weight camera technologies. It was at this breakthrough point that Glidepath decided to offer wedding videos and photography packages in the Northland, Auckland and Wellington regions.

With talk of Cinematic wedding video labelled as "Cinematography" or "wedding Cinematography" out there, it may pay to investigate a few facts. A Cinematic format; aspect ratio 2.39:1 is totally inappropriate for wedding videos. FYI a Cinematographer is actually a DOP or director of photography on the film set.

TV and computer screen aspect ratios are (16:9). Cinematic aspect ratios are achieved in camera by sensor cropping, or it can be edited in later by cropping the video (top and bottom). It may look good in a web-page or in the cinema, but not on your wide screen TV, as videos of cinematic aspect ratios are letter boxed to fit the width of the screen.
Have you noticed that movies like Game of Thrones that are made for TV, are not released in a cinematic format?
We do offer Cinematic videos, but only for a web page header video "a formatted M4v file" or DCP (Digital Cinema Package) files for the Cinema. Yes it is a serious mistake to shoot a wedding in a cinematic format, unless it is in a film destined for the silver screen.

Another wives-tale that appears to be circulating at the moment, is the belief that where video and photos are simultaneously recorded, "the photographer should be in the lead." This is totally incorrect at any professional level. Filmmaking always takes precedent over still photography on any film set or event. The Videographer and Photographer do work as a team, but with the videographer in the lead, always.

Wedding photography and videography examples

Wedding videography Northland
Wedding video photographers, James and Svetlana Fisher.

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