Wedding photography in opononi and Omapere

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The Bride and Groom, a wedding at Opononi, in the Hokianga. The wedding video is shortened down and the ceremony sound track removed in favor of music.

Hokianga wedding photo's. All other photos withheld for reasons of privacy.

We arrived at Omapere in the Hokianga Harbor around 7:30 AM.

The blue sky overhead promised perfect weather for the wedding of the Bride and Groom. There was some time to relax on the beach at the location for the ceremony, before we made our way to the separate locations where the bride and groom were preparing for their big day. Both properties faced west with good views over the Hokianga.

As photographers we hoped for some cloud, as the sun would be behind our couple during the wedding and the photo video shoot afterward. Cloud was sparse and we were thankful for a good supply of spare batteries for our flashes, and ND filters for the video camera lenses.

The day was incredibly bright, and the Hokianga shone like an Opal in the background. We shot off stills and video right up until 9:30 PM when the newlyweds had their first dance.

Wedding photography and videography in opononi and Omapere in the Hokianga.

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Photographer | Videographer, James and Svetlana Fisher.