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Wedding Photography Northland.

We are a husband and wife team, so you get two high end photographers for the price of one.

Note: No professional models are used in this wedding photography portfolio.

Click here for further info regarding finnished photographic media.

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Our wedding photography services do not have to be included with a film package. As we are a husband and wife team, you get two photographers. Photographer Svetlana, leads the photography in this case. It can be advantageous to have two photographers during the bride and groom prep. It also means we can simultaneously capture images from different angles. It is not uncommon for wedding photographers to recruit the services of a second photographer.
Uncropped wedding photos may be printed to a size of 4976mm wide at a high quality resolution of 300dpi.

For an average wedding, we would choose the best images for processing. Processing wedding photos is a time consuming job.

Each image is processed as the newlyweds including family and friends wish to look their best. It's one thing to get a great shot; it's another to bring it life.

The finished photos are supplied as single High rez images ready for print.

Images are recorded in raw format and the supplied as optimised for print. This is necessary as printers use black toner as a base darkening images somewhat to what you would see on a computer screen.

There is another set of images supplied, optimised for the TV screen. TV screens are back lit with the default setting usually quite high (bright) causing the image to appear brighter than what you would see on a computer screen under default settings.

The third set supplied are optimised for the computer and android devices. These are reduced to a lower rez of 72dpi reducing the file size and optimising the images for the smaller devices and computer screens.
Note: No further compression is applied to the lower rez images.

Wedding photography and videography examples

Wedding Photographer's James and Svetlana Fisher.

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