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Wedding Photographer Northland, Bay of Islands, Whangarei, Kerikeri

Kerikeri Office - 72b Kerikeri Inlet Rd Kerikeri

Postal Mailing Address: P.O. Box 660 Kerikeri

Video photographer James Fisher, and still photographer Svetlana Fisher.

Mobile: 021 816606

Landline: (09) 4017437

Email: Wedding photographer

Northland Wedding Photographer Svetlana Fisher developed an interest in photography while studying fine art in St Petersburg Russia. Since then, photography became a passion that led to her decision to become a professional photographer soon after meeting James in St Petersburg and moving to New Zealand in 2004.

Wedding Videographer James Fisher began making movies back in the days of Super 8 film after purchasing a second hand Bell & Howell movie camera in the late seveties. Following the release of the early VCR cameras he continued filmmaking as a hobby to become professional soon after the modern light weight digital camera equipment became available.
This new breed of camera allowed for the development of gravity based and electronic camera stabilising equipment.

Working with other filmmakers around the Globe, James continues to develop and build advanced lightweight camera platforms allowing him to push his filmmaking toward a form that follows closely with the large film companies in Hollywood, but at a compact boutique operational cost that is affordable for the production of wedding and promotional film making.

Married now, James and Svetlana make a great team operating 3 cameras between them, filming and photographing weddings in the Northland and Auckland area.

For the Wellington region - please contact the above office.

Photographer | Videographer, James and Svetlana Fisher.

Wedding photographer Northland