Full length wedding video

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Full length wedding ceremony and creative video. Run time = 16 minutes.

This video is a little short, but we have consent to show the entire video as supplied to the newlyweds.

It's easy to pull a 1 - 3 minute quality video clip of from a 15 - 30 minute video in order to indicate the videographers abilities on a webpage. Of course this is no real indication. The trick is to produce a constant quality video of 15 minutes or more without significant errors.
Some of our finnished videos run upto 60 min non stop. That is the real proof of the pudding. Unlike commercial video shoots where the videographer can reshoot bungled footage, wedding videos cannot be reshot.

The entire sequence of events must be captured without significant errors, sometimes in very difficult conditions. Videos may also be shot from difficult angles due to the photographer not being allowed to set up the camera gear in premium positions.

All in all, shooting wedding videos is challenging even for the most experienced videographers. Dynamic videos (videos that contain a lot of camera movements) are even more difficult to produce than filming the entire ceremony from a single fixed position (boring video.)

This video is compressed down for the web.

Full length wedding video
Photographer | Videographer, James and Svetlana Fisher.

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