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Glidepath wedding videography and photography services Northland lead the way by bringing a portable but unobtrusive movie set; in the way of film gear, to you, at a similar cost of a single camera and operator. Wedding videos Bay of Islands Geared up with tripod mounted, un-mounted and aerial cameras, we are capable of producing the most dynamic and creative movie footage possible. Click here to evaluate us.

With the addition of our advanced still photography capabilities, our combination of video and still photography makes perfect sense, offering great value, almost two for the price of one, anywhere in Northland.

There's no better way to capture the emotion, the dreams, the imagination and the excitement of your wedding day, than on video. We also include a truly unique free aerial video service along with our other photographic services. Our wedding photography Cinematography team are dedicated to preserving your big day from every possible angle with multi edit shots and sound from separate video cameras. To complete the package we also offer unlimited stills / photographs to capture those special moments, preserving your memories forever.Wedding videos

James Fisher, videographer brings a dynamic style of videography produces extremely stable video, capturing the mood while breathing life into your wedding video. Svetlana Fisher, photographer applies her background in fine art to her work. Woking and co-operating as a team James and Svetlana deliver the best of both worlds in there combo packages of video and photography.

Our mobile camera technologies allows us to move in such a way as to augment the mood and capture the event by bringing the camera to the subject from any chosen angle.

Having coined the phrase dynamic video, we are leaders in producing dynamic video via single operator camera platforms that we have developed over the years.

Video supplied is High bitrate, 50 frames per second formatted for wide screen TV, also low bitrate versions ready for computer, android and web.

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